Thank you for your support of our curbside pick-up process over the past two months;  we are forever grateful. Please note we are developing our website to allow for on-lineordering, it is NOT currently functional, so please continue to call us at the store at 905-877-7778 to place your order.


We offer Cheese, Charcuterie and Combination Platters prepared with gourmet components available at our store. Cheese Platters are available in European Wedge presentation.  Small trays can serve between 8 and 12 people. Larger platters can serve between 12 and 20 guests.  Pricing varies.  We welcome customizing platters to suit your personal taste!

Look like a pro!  Ask about our Rent-a-Board program...

The Best Seller

A selection of our top-selling cheeses presented in European wedge style.

Small $65+HST, serves up to 12 people

Large $120+HST, serves up to 20 people


A selection of our best-selling cured meats served with three accompaniments.

Small $60+HST, serves up to 12 people and includes mustard and pickles or olives

Large $110+HST, serves up to 20 people and includes mustard, pickles and olives


We charge you only for the retail price of the cheese.  Choose from all Goat and Sheep, Lactose-Free or anything your heart desires!

D.I.Y. Cheese Platter

Pick up a selection of our best-selling cheeses, a box of artisinal crackers and small jelly, all conveniently packaged and ready to go.  All you do is arrange it on a platter when you get home!


Four of our best-selling cheeses and three of our most popular cured meats garnished with our own marinated olives.

Small $65+HST, serves up to 12 people

Large $120+HST, serves up to 20 people

Breads & Crackers

The perfect arrangement to accompany your cheese and/or charcuterie assortment.

Small $20+HST

Large $35+HST

Simply Cheese

Our top three best-selling cheeses arranged in an easy serving style for up to 12 people.


Shopping Hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday & Monday: closed

39 Main Street South 

Downtown Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3G2

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