Cheese is custom cut in wedges and you may order by weight, fingers or dollar value.  Generally speaking a 1 inch wedge equals 2 fingers or 200 (ish) grams.   Sizes will vary according to the overall size of the wheel and therefore, we cannot be exact.  


Kid friendly - Jensen's 1 Year Ontario  Cheddar - Value price

Kid friendly - Jensen's Colby Cheese, 200 gram package - $5.99

2 Year Cheddar, Unpasteurized, Quebec

Prestigious robust cheddar from award winning dairy L'Isle-aux-Grues.  Remember the taste of cheese is a function of where the animals graze and this unique region provides a minerally rich and marshy terroir.   

Jensen's 3 Year Ontario Cheddar- white 

classic cheddar, Simcoe, Ontario.  This dairy has been making cheddar since 1867.

Jensen's 3 Year Ontario Smoked Cheddar

fine aged cheddar naturally smoked.  Perfect for scotch pairing.

Quebec Silo 5 Year Cheddar - Bestseller!

unpasteurized milk, strong tasting, crystallization, Quebec

Quebec Silo 7 Year Cheddar

unpasteurized milk cheddar, strong tasting with crunch!

Natural Pastures Grassfed Cheddar

strong and crumbly cheddar, British Columbia

Lindsay Goat Cheddar - Mariposa Dairy - Award Winning!

artisanal cheese from Lindsay, Ontario using traditional methods of  wrapping in cloth for aging and turning on pine boards weekly  for over a year.  Tangy, hard and crumbly with sweet undertones of caramel. 

Thea Ontario Sheep Cheddar - Mariposa Dairy

another artisanal cheese from Lindsay, Ontario made with buttery and nutty sheep's milk.  Mild.  

Chevre Noir 2 Year Goat Cheddar 

our strongest goat cheddar.  Mature, caramely notes with a bit of grain. Quebec


Truffle Cheddar, Manitoba

2 year cheddar stuffed with black truffles from Italy.

Coastal Cheddar - Bestseller!

Classic cheddar made by the Ford family along the Jurassic coast of England (think minerally terroir from the sea).  Great flavour, crunchy bits, Dorset, England

Godminster Organic Cheddar - Jackie's pick

very smooth, mild & tangy, Somerset, England  Also available

Godminster Organic Cheddar in small waxed Hearts. Somerset, England


Black Bomber Cheddar - Bestseller!

smooth, creamy & tangy, Wales


Champagne Cheddar

soft and super tangy made with real Champagne, England


Applewood Smoked Cheddar - Bestseller!

crowd Favourite, England

Balsamic Bellavitano- Bestseller!

washed with balsamic, slightly sweet, like a cross between Cheddar and Parmigiano, Wisconsin

Balsamic Onion Cheddar

delicious, fairly soft & mild cheddar, flavoured with balsamic and onion marmalade, England

Caramelized Onion Cheddar - Bestseller!

made with real onion marmalade, try with our Carmelized Onion Chutney, England

Chocolate Fudge Cheese

yes, it is cheese but tastes just like chocolate, perfect for dessert, England

Espresso Bellavitano - Bestseller!

washed with espresso coffee grinds, slightly sweet, like a cross between cheddar and parmigiano, Wisconsin 

Ginger and Mango Stilton - Bestseller!

tastes like cheesecake, White Stilton (not blue) studded with mango and ginger, refreshing and delicious!!, England 

Guinness Cheddar

The only cheddar licensed to use the Guinness name.  Medium aged cheddar with Guinness.  UK

Horseradish Cheddar 

very popular, tastes just like horseradish, great on sandwiches or burgers, Manitoba

Hot Red Chili Pepper Cheddar

hot, hot, hot, Manitoba

Irish Porter Cheddar

dark brown coloured, flavoured with porter ale, England  

Merlot Bestseller!!

washed with Merlot, slightly sweet, like a cross between cheddar and parmigiano, Wisconsin


Raspberry Ale Bellavitano

washed with raspberry ale, slightly sweet, like a cross between cheddar and parmigiano, Wisconsin

Red Leicester- Jackie's Pick!

pronounced "red lester".  Beautiful looking rich orange cheese traditionally-made on the farm in Leicestershire.  Hand-rubbed in butter, aged in cloth, mild yet very rich with notes of mineral and toffee


Red Fox - Bestseller! 

very rich, very orange Leicestershire-style, great for snacking, makes the best cheese sauces, macaroni and cheese, etc.,  England

Red Storm Cheddar

smooth, creamy, notes of butter and caramel, Wales

Red Wine Aged Cheddar.

two-year-old aged with red wine, Niagara 

Sticky Toffee

tastes just like sticky toffee pudding!!, perfect with port or ice wine, England

Wensleydale with Cranberry

best-selling fruit flavoured cheese, slightly crumbly texture with a sweet flavour, England

Wyke's Whiskey Cheddar - England

Small pucks of creamy mature cheddar with whiskey


Manchego x 12 Months

Spain's most famous cheese made with sheep milk from the La Mancha region, slightly sharp, buttery and nutty, try with Quince paste or honey, Spain

Manchego x 6 Months Unpasteurized

Spain's most famous cheese with sheep milk from La Mancha region, mild, buttery and nutty, try with Quince paste, Spain 

Oveja con Trufa

sultry buttery sheep milk with truffle, try with honey, Spain

Oveja Diablo

buttery sheep milk with a warm pimento paste running through it, Spain  

Mozzarella - new stock 

340 gram ball.  Italy 

Rosemary Olive Oil Asiago

premium asiago, hand-rubbed with olive oil and rosemary, Wisconsin 

Asiago Cheese

Parmigiano Regianno Reserve - 3 Years old 

unpasteurized, and grassfed, Italy


Parmigiano Regianno Premium Red Label 

from premium producer Gennari of Tuscany.  Extremely rich and flavourful.   Amazing paired with a bubbly wine or refreshing beer.

Pecorino Romano - new stock 

Hard sheep's milk cheese used for grating.  Italy 

Pecorino with Truffle, Tuscany

see Semi-Firm section for more detail. 

Saganaki - Greece

the frying cheese

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