Cheddar Cheeses

Including: Aged, Artisanal and Flavoured Cheddar

Aged Cheddar


Black Bomber - $6.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from Wales

Creamy & smooth extra mature Cheddar loved for its depth of flavour.

Coastal - $5.29 /100g 

Cows Milk from Dorset, England

Classic cheddar made by the Ford family along the Jurassic coast of England (think minerally terroir from the sea). Great flavour, crunchy bits.

Cows Creamery 3 Year - $5.99 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from PEI

Aged for 36 months on the coast of pei. Mineral rich and full of crunch. This cheddar is absolutely devine.

Godminster Organic - $8.99 /100g 

Organic Cows Milk from Somerset, England

Made to a 70 year old recipe this is a top quality creamy and very flavourful cheddar.

Ile aux Grues 2 Year - $4.99 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from Quebec

Prestigious robust cheddar from award winning dairy L'Isle-aux-Grues. Remember the taste of cheese is a function

of where the animals graze and this unique region provides a minerally rich and marshy terroir.

Ile aux Grues 4 Year - $5.99 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from Quebec

Raw milk from small production farm along banks of the st. Lawrence river. Ile aux Grues cheddars are among

Canada's finest.

Jensen 3 Year - $4.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from Simcoe, Ontario

Classic cheddar, Simcoe, Ontario. This dairy has been making cheddar since 1867.

Jensen 3 Year Smoked - $5.79 /100g 

Cows Milk from Simcoe, Ontario 

Fine aged cheddar naturally smoked. Perfect for scotch pairing.

Red Fox - $6.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from England

A take on traditional red leicester cheese. Fun, full flavoured and rich tasting. Perfect for snacking.

Red Storm - $6.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from Wales

Smooth, creamy, notes of butter and caramel

Silo 5 Year - $7.49 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from Quebec

Unpasteurized milk, strong tasting, crystallization.

Silo 6 Year - $7.99 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from Quebec

The taste is buttery with a delightful tang and tiny flecks of tyrosine crystals. Absolutely devine in a grilled cheese when paired with warm maple syrup for dunking!

Silo 7 Year - $8.99 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from Quebec

Unpasteurized milk cheddar, strong tasting with crunch!

Artisanal Cheddar

Avonlea Clothbound - $6.49 /100g 

Cows Milk from PEI

You can smelll the potatoes from the mineral rich pei soil that these cattles graze on. Canada's most celebrated traditionally made cheddar.

Lindsay Goat - $8.49 /100g 

Goats Milk from Lindsay, Ontario

Artisanal cheese from Lindsay, Ontario using traditional methods of wrapping in cloth for aging and turning on pine boards weekly for over a year. Tangy, hard and crumbly with sweet undertones of caramel.

Stevenson Reserve Red Leicester - $8.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from England

Pronounced "red lester". Beautiful looking rich orange cheese traditionally-made on the farm in Leicestershire. Hand-rubbed in butter, aged in cloth, mild yet very rich with notes of mineral and toffee.

Thea Sheep - $7.49 /100g 

Sheep Milk from Lindsay, Ontario

Another artisanal cheese from Lindsay, Ontario made with buttery and nutty sheep's milk. Mild.

Flavoured Cheddars

Applewood Smoked - $6.79 /100g 

Bestseller! Cows Milk from England

Everyone's favorite smoked cheddar. Great for melting or snacking!!

Balsamic Bellavitano - $6.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Wisconsin

Tasting like a cross between and cheddar and parmigiano, this slightly sweet cheese has been washed with balsamic vinegar from modena. Pair with medium bodied red or pale ale.

Balsamic Onion Cheddar - $6.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from England

Smooth and creamy cheddar with an added texture. A customer favourite.

Caramelized Onion Cheddar - $6.79 /100g 

Cows Milk from England

Made with real onion marmalade, try with our Carmelized Onion Chutney.

Champagne Cheddar - $6.49 /100g 

Cows Milk from England

This luxe and creamy cheese is subtly sweet with a note of apricot and the decadence of real champangne!

Espresso Bellavitano - $6.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Wisconsin

Delicious bellavitano hand rubbed with freshly roasted espresso. Amazing for brunch or dessert.

Ginger Mango Stilton - $6.59 /100g 

Bestseller! Cows Milk from England

This crumbly slightly sweet cheese is cool and refreshing and tastes a bit like cheesecake!

Guiness Cheddar - $6.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from the UK

The only cheddar licensed to use the Guinness name. Medium aged cheddar with Guinness.

Horseradish Cheddar - $4.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from Manitoba

Popular and delicious melted on a burger or sandwich. Great for snacking too.

Irish Porter Cheddar - $6.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from the UK

Grassfed, smooth Irish cheddar with rich Irish porter from Cahill family farm.

Jalapeno Monterey Jack - $3.79 /100g 

Cows Milk from Manitoba

Great for snacking or sandwiches with a tangy kick!

Merlot Bellavitano - $6.99 /100g 

Bestseller! Cows Milk from Wisconsin

Washed with Merlot, slightly sweet, like a cross between cheddar and parmigiano.

Raspberry Ale Bellavitano - $6.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Wisconsin

Washed with raspberry ale, slightly sweet, like a cross between cheddar and parmigiano.

Red Hot Chili Pepper Cheddar - $4.59 /100g 

Cows Milk from Manitoba

Hot, hot, hot!

Red Wine Aged Cheddar - $4.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Manitoba

2 year old cheddar blended with full bodied red wine from the Niagara region.

Sticky Toffee Cheddar - $5.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from England

Tastes just like sticky toffee pudding! Perfect with port or ice wine.

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cheddar - $5.99 /100g 

Sheep Milk from France

Yes, it is cheese but tastes just like chocolate, perfect for dessert, England.

Truffle Monterey Jack - $5.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Manitoba

2 year cheddar stuffed with black truffles from Italy.

Wensleydale with Cranberry - $6.49 /100g 

Bestseller! Cows Milk from England

Best-selling fruit flavoured cheese, slightly crumbly texture with a sweet flavour.