Thank you for your support of our curbside pick-up process over the past two months;  we are forever grateful. Please note we are developing our website to allow for on-line ordering, it is NOT currently functional, so please continue to call us at the store at 905-877-7778 to place your order.

Bread & Bagels

Fred’s Bread
From Toronto breadmakers Steve and Andrea Gibson.  This hand shaped, hearth baked bread is made with organic sourdough starters and organic whole grain flours. No preservatives, Trans Fat, or additives.

Rosemary Bread Stick - $2.79

Fresh baked or par-baked (bake at home 400ºF for 3 minutes) 

Black Olive and Cheddar Bread Stick - $2.79

Fresh baked or par-baked (bake at home 400ºF for 3 minutes)  

Baguette - $3.79

Fresh baked or par-baked (bake at home 400ºF for 4-5 minutes)  

Rosemary Focaccia  -  $4.79

Fresh baked or par-baked (bake at home 400ºF for 5-6 minutes)  

Pizza Dough - $3.79

Available frozen.

Brioche Grill Buns - $7.49

Thaw and serve.

St. Viateur Montreal Style Bagels
Canada’s favourite bagel makers since 1957. 

Sesame Seed - $7.49

Classic sesame bagels are rolled in sesame seeds, which may be tiny, but high in protein and celebrated for their many nutritional benefits since ancient times. 

All Dressed -  $8.49

Also known as “the everything” bagel, a mix of sesame, poppy, garlic, and onion for a burst of bold texture and flavor.

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