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Stonewall Kitchen Down East Crackers
Our best-seller! Down East style crackers from Maine.

Asiago Cheese$10.99 

The slightly nutty and unique flavor of Asiago cheese makes it one of our favorites. We love how these crackers taste when paired with olives and soft cheeses. 

Olive Oil -  $10.99 

Pure, cold press olive oil adds distinctive flavor to these Olive Oil Crackers. The subtle flavor makes these crackers ideal for serving with soups, salads or strong cheeses. 

Roasted Garlic -  $10.99

Nothing complements cheese better than the mild yet distinctive flavor of the Roasted Garlic Crackers. Try crumbling them on baked fish. 

Salt & Pepper - $10.99

Full bodied sea salt combines with the gentle heat of black pepper to bring out the best flavor of these hand cut Salt & Pepper Crackers. 

Sea Salt - $10.99

Crisp and distinctive, you'll love the subtle flavors and trace minerals from the coarse sea salt that's baked right into each cracker.

Simple White - $10.99

These Simple White Crackers are buttery, crisp flavorful crackers that are just perfect with any cheese or spread.

Aged Cheddar Beer - $10.99

Serve them with any cheese, your favorite brew and watch how everyone responds to the delicious taste. Try crumbling these Aged Cheddar Beer Crackers on top of your favorite Mac & Cheese recipe.

Rosemary Parmesan - $10.99

These crackers are baked with the flavor of Italian Parmesan cheese and a hint of savory rosemary for incredible flavour. 

Gluten Free Simple White$12.99

These Gluten Free Simple White Crackers are wonderfully light and crispy with a distinctive, baked-in, almost buttery flavour. They go great with dips, fine cheeses or crumbled on soups or salads.  

Gluten Free Sea Salt - $12.99

These rockets are wonderfully light and crisp with a touch of tangy, mineral-rich sea salt. They have a very pleasant, almost buttery biscuit flavour that really stands out and pairs well with fine cheeses, dips and tapenades or crumbled into soups or chilli. 

Raincoast Crips 

Made in Vancouver Canada.  The perfect little toasts for cheese.

Cranberry Hazelnut - $8.79

Tart, plump cranberries and toasty hazelnuts combine to create a perfect snack for the holiday season and beyond. Delicious with bries!  

Fig & Olive - $8.79

Combining the salty taste of Kalamata olives with the sweet flavour of succulent Californian figs, these crisps are a great snack on their own or perfectly enhanced with soft cheeses, such as chevre and brie! 

Rosemary Raisin Pecan -$8.79

Chock full of toasty pecans, rosemary and dark and juicy Thompson raisins, amazing on their own or paired with soft cheeses like brie and cambozola 

Fine Cheese Co., English Crackers

Artisanal crackers for cheese made in historic Bath, England

Lemon, Sea Salt and Olive Oil $7.99

Flavoured with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt. Serve with Ricotta or any fresh cheese.

Chili & Olive Oil - $7.99

Flavoured with chilli for a little kick. Serve with English Cheddar or any strong cheese 

Rosemary & Olive Oil -  $7.99

Flavoured with fragrant rosemary. Serve with Valençay or any goats’ milk cheese.

Oat Cakes - $8.59

A proper oatcake should only be made with oats (and butter). While many are not what they seem, ours are the real deal.


Table Water - $3.99

Meet the Original! Its thin and crispy texture comes from being baked in a traditional brick oven. ​

Cheese Melts - $3.99

Carr's Cheese Melts are deliciously crisp wheaten biscuits with a mouthwatering light and melting texture.

Buitemans Crispy Biscuits

Tasty little morsels from Holland.

Gruyere Biscuits -  $5.39

Made largely by hand using A.O.C. Swiss Gruyere cheese, aged 5 months. Enjoy these with an glass of Pinot Noir.

Cheddar Biscuits - $5.39

Made largely by hand with 22% Cheddar cheese, aged 12 months. Serve this beautiful biscuit with a premium port for a heightened taste experience.

Goat Cheese Biscuits - $5.39

Made largely by hand with 38% goat’s cheese, aged 10 months. Serve with Sauvignon Blanc. 

Ace Baguette Crisps

Olive Oil and Sea Salt - $6.99

Using the same dough we use in our delicious ACE Bakery Baguette. Then we gently brush them with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. 

Rosemary Olive Oil - $6.99

ACE Rosemary and Sea Salt Baguette Crisps are crafted with simple, premium ingredients, natural starters, and absolutely no preservatives.

34 Degree Crisps

Crispy little wafer crackers.

Original - $7.99

A 34º Natural Crisp that lets cheese take the spotlight. So light. So crunchy. So versatile. Original Crisps complement any pairing & any flavour from mild cheeses to spicy spreads to just about anything in between. 

Toasted Onion - $7.99

Little crisp. Big flavor. Onion-y enough to add a punch but subtle enough to pair with any topping. Toasted Onion Crisps are the perfect match for charcuterie boards & tangy tapenades. 

Whole Grain -  $7.99

100% whole wheat means 100% deliciousness. Our Whole Grain Crisps have a toasty flavour so they’re ideal for, well, anything, from sharp cheddar & charcuterie to almond butter & fruit. 

Fred's Bread

Joy Styxs - $7.99

Dip, dunk, wrap, munch: that's what joystyxs are for, uniquely crispy, they have that balance of crunch and sea saltiness that make it almost impossible to eat just one. Perfect to dunk in any dip, wrap with paper thin slices of prosciutto.

Rustic Bakery

Delicious crackers made made by Carol LeValley & Josh Harris. As far as we can tell, it’s one of the only companies making handmade sourdough flatbread. Their crackers rise slowly, and ferment like bread. The flavors specifically complement cheese. Ingredients remain strictly local, organic when possible as well as globally sourced.

Rosemary & Olive Oil - $10.79

Sweet Onion & Crème Fraiche - $10.79

Olive Oil & Sea Sale ~ $10.79

Apricot, Pistachio & Brandy ~ $10.79

Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib & Almond ~ $10.79

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