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We offer Cheese, Charcuterie and Combination Platters prepared with gourmet components available at our store. Cheese Platters are cut in European Wedge style. Pricing varies accordingly. We welcome customizing platters to suit your personal taste!

As well, check out our Ottercreek Woodwork and Canadian Cheese charcuterie boards. We can make any of the following trays on the board of your choice, just add the cost of the board to your order.

Charcuterie Platter
(Cheese & Meat)
A curated selection of fine cheese and cured meats garnished with olives, nuts and dried f

Serves 4-6 people -  $65 + hst

Serves 10-14 people -  $135 + hst


Just Cheese
A selection of our top-selling cheeses presented in European wedge style.

Small: serves up to 12 people -  $70

Large: serves up to 20 people - $150

Charcuterie Party Boards

Our party boards are made to order.  Give us an idea of your budget and any particular items you would like included on your board and we will prepare it for you.   Bring your own board or borrow one of ours. 

Loaner Board Program

Don't have a board of your own? Borrow one of ours!

Small (serves 6-8) ~ $75
Medium (serves 10-20) ~ $160
Large (sesrves 20+) ~ $250

Medium board is pictured above


Bread  & Cracker
The perfect arrangement to accompany your cheese and/or charcuterie assortment.

Small: serves up to 12 people -  $25

Large: serves up to 20 people - $40

bread and cracker platter.jpg

Just Meats
A selection of our best-selling cured meats served with mustard, pickles and/or olives.

Small: serves up to 12 people -  $60

Large: serves up to 20 people - $120

image0 (002)_edited.jpg
Sandwich Platter

Perfect to serve at your staff lunch or party. Our popular focaccia sandwiches alongside delicate cigar sandwiches.

Small: (10 half focaccia sandwiches 1 full cigar sandwich) serves 6 to 12 people - $65

Large: (20 half focaccia sandwiches 2 full cigar sandwiches )serves 15 to 20 people - $129


Choose your board from our housewares tab and add the cost.

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