Cheese is custom cut in wedges and you may order by weight, fingers or dollar value.  Generally speaking a 1 inch wedge equals 2 fingers or 200 (ish) grams.   Sizes will vary according to the overall size of the wheel and therefore, we cannot be exact. 

Cave Aged Gruyere, Lactose Free - BESTSELLER!!!

All time bestseller!!  Always unpasteurized, always lactose free, this alpine cheese made from local milk in the village of Gruyere is slightly sweet, nutty and a little oniony.  Perhaps  that's why its the French Onion Soup cheese but I use it for snacking and its my go to for Pizza or anything melted.  

Emmentaler, Lactose Free

Its the swiss with the holes in it!!  Sliced to order for you.

Raclette, Lactose Free

lactose-free swiss, medium strength, cow milk, Switzerland

Vacherin Fribourgeois - the Stinky one!

unpasteurized, lactose-free, cow milk, pungent but mild, used in fondue or anywhere you need some melted full flavoured cheese.  Great for sandwiches.  Switzerland


5 Brothers -  Canadian Bestseller!   

Cross between a Swiss and a Gouda.  Handmade by  cheesemaker Shep Yesselstein with milk from his own herd in  Woodstock, Ontario.  Shep studied cheesemaking in Switzerland.  Semi firm and sweet taste.


Beau's Beer Washed

Another artisanal offering from Shep Yesselstein (see above), this is a true semi firm with a rind that is washed daily in craft beer from Beau's beer of Ottawa.  


Black Label Vintage Gouda - Jackie's pick!

Aged for less than two years but tastes older.  Irresistibly robust gouda with strong caramel notes, a hint of sweetness and a good crunch of salt crystals.  Holland

Pico Bello - Bestseller!

Aged for approximately 3 years.  Hard texture with very sweet taste and lots of great crunch.   Holland

5 Year Gouda 

gouda, strong strength, cow milk, Holland

Beemster Classic - Lactose Free 

lactose-free gouda, strong strength, cow milk, Holland


Beemster Vlaskaas - Lactose Free

Beemster XO - Lactose Free

lactose-free gouda, strong strength, cow milk, Holland


Black Lemon Gouda

gouda, medium strength, cow milk, Holland

Cave Aged Gouda

Great little gouda, semi-hard texture, aged in Limestone Caves. Holland

Coconut Gouda

gouda, mild strength, cow milk, Holland

Kaamps Oranginel - Jackie's pick 

Semi firm in texture.   Very rich and very orange!   Notes of butter and caramel. Holland

Kaamps Chili Pepper Gouda

As above with a real kick! Our spiciest cheese

Farmstead Smoked Gouda

Made on the farm in Ontario.  Naturally smoked with a semi firm  texture.

Old Amsterdam

gouda, medium strength, cow milk, Holland

Truffle Noir - HALF PRICE 

gouda with truffle, medium strength, cow milk, Holland


Midnight Moon Goat Gouda - Jackie's pick

Hard and crunchy goat gouda made in Holland and aged in California.  Delicious caramel notes.  

Honey Bee Goat Gouda

Hint of honey.  Holland

Beemster Goat Gouda 

lactose-free gouda, mild strength, goat milk, Holland

Drunken Goat 

Spain's famous mild mannered goat cheese soaked in red wine.   Really nice smooth and rich goat cheese with just the right hint of wine.

Etorki - out of stock  

semi firm, mild strength, sheep milk, France 

Lamb Chopper Sheep - Jackie's pick

Made in Holland and aged for less than a year in California by acclaimed dairy Cyprus grove.  Buttery and mild. 

Ossau Iraty - Jackie's pick 

One of the world's best loved sheep's milk cheese from the Pyrenees.  Mild, buttery and minerally.  Artisanal   

Pecorino with Truffle - Bestseller!

Luxurious sheep milk cheese studded with black truffle.  I love it with a little honey on it.  Made in Italy at the Il Forteto commune. 


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