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Hard Dry Aged Cheeses

Including: Asiago, Manchego, Parmigiano, and Pecorino

Asiago - $5.49/100g 

Cows Milk from Wisconsin

Sharp and tangy. Perfect for your cheeseboard or grilled cheese.

Don Heliodoro - $8.99 /100g 

Sheep Milk from Spain

Classic Manchego buttery and nutty style cheese rubbed with Spanish olive oil and rosemary and aged for over a year.

Manchego 12 Month - $7.59 /100g 

Sheep Milk from Spain

Premium handmade version of Spain's most famous cheese. Rich and buttery with oily heft and mouthfeel. Pair with fruity red or Spanish Rioja.

Oveja Con Truffa - $8.99 /100g 

Sheep Milk from Spain

Very pronounced nuances, intense but balanced. Black truffle generates a perfect mix of flavour and texture.

Oveja Diablo - $6.99 /100g 

Sheep Milk from Spain

Buttery sheep milk with a warm pimento paste running through it.

Parmigiano Reggiano Reserve 3 Year - $6.49 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from Parma, Italy

Our select 3 year old parmigiano is always grass or hay fed, always from emilia- romagna and always unpasteurized.

Parmigiano Reggianno Premium Red Label - $26 /ea

Cows Milk from Tuscany, Italy

From premium producer Gennari of Tuscany. Extremely rich and flavourful. Amazing paired with a bubbly wine or refreshing beer.

Pecorino Romano - $5.99 /100g 

Sheep Milk from Italy

From southern Italy, this full flavoured and salty cheese is meant for grating.

Pecorino with Truffle - $9.99 /100g 

Sheep Milk from Italy  

Cheesemonger's pick!! Decadent! Smooth and nutty sheep's milk cheese blended with Italian truffles. Try with a bit of honey.

Rosemary Asiago Bellavitano - $6.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Wisconsin

Premium asiago, hand-rubbed with olive oil and rosemary.