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Soft Cheese

Including: Fresh, Aged Fresh, Bries, Bloomy Rinds and Washed Rind Cheese

Fresh and Aged Fresh

Buffalo Mozzarella - $7.99/ea

Buffalo Milk from Ontario

Fresh and mild strength

Burratta - $15.99/ea

Cows Milk from Ontario

Fresh and mild strength

Chèvre Citron - $8.49/ea

Bestseller! Goats Milk from Ontario -

Made in store Ontario goat cheese with a hint of lemony goodness.

Cream Cheese Plain ~ $2.79/100g

Greek Feta - $3.99 /100g

Goat and Sheep Milk from Greece

Bries and Bloomy Rinds

Fleuron De Brugge ~ $8.79 /100g 

Cow's Milk from Belgium ~ NEW

Velvety smooth cow’s milk cheese with notes of hazelnut and butter. Pair with a crisp Belgian ale!

Brebis Rousse ~ $9.99 /100g 

Sheep Milk from France

Pure sheep milk delivers a thick and buttery fattiness.  Soft, gooey, sultry and  pungent. The perfect cheese in this cheesemongers opinion. 

Brie aux Truffe ~ $11.99 /100g

Cows Milk from France

Best quality velvety French brie housing a mascarpone and chopped black truffle paste. Indulgent. Pair with a bubbly white or champagne.

Chateau de Bourgogne ~ $7.79 /100g

Bestseller! Cows Milk from Burgundy, France

Mild and luscious thick creamy triple cream brie from Burgundy, France.  Tasting notes of butter and creme fraiche (slightly tart).

Crottin ~ $6.59 /ea
Goats Milk from Loire Valley, France  
Very Small (2oz), cylindrical natural rind chevre.  Arguably most famous of the Loire Valley chevres. Dense texture with long lasting minerally, lemony flavour.  Use in salads, cheeseboard or pop in your mouth.

Delice de Bourgogne ~ $7.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from France

Delicate flavour of cream and butter and slightly salty. Enjoy this very rich triple cream brie on a baguette or cracker.

Grand Crème D'Elin ~ $8.29 /100g

Bestseller! Cows Milk from Burgundy, France

From one of burgundy's most famous brie makers, this is a luscious and rich triple cream.  Pair with a champagne or bubbly white to cut the cream.​ 

Grey Owl ~ $8.79 /100g 

Goats Milk from Quebec

Soft semi ripened goat cheese from Quebec with an edible ash rind.  Named after the environmentalist and perhaps Canada's best semi ripened soft goat cheese.  Right up there with the most famous French chevres. 

House Brie ~ $4.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from France

Our very own double cream house brie produced in France. Buttery with a clear mushroomy profile.  

Paillot de Chevre~ $6.49 /100g 

Goats Milk from Quebec

Log shaped, slighty aged  dense goat cheese with silky smooth paste just inside the rind and chalky more minerally tasting interior.  Looks and tastes great on a cheese board or warm it up ever so slightly and put on top of a green salad or a burger.

Riopelle ~ $7.79 /100g 

Raw Cows Milk from L'isle-aux-Grues. Quebec

Exquisite unpasteurized triple cream from L'isle-aux-Grues dairy along the banks of the St. Lawrence River (so that the animals are grazing on minerally, marshfed grass) Flavours of cultured butter, grass, mushrooms and clotted cream.

Salt Spring Island Chevre

Goats Milk from Salt Spring Island 

Garlic ~ 15.00 /ea

Tapanade ~ 15.00 /ea

Blue Juliette ~ 21.00 /ea

Romelia ~ 21.00 /ea

Washed Rinds

Chimay ~ $8.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Belgium

Youngest and most exclusive of the Trappist cheeses made in Scourmont Abbey in the village of Chimay by Monks. Aged only 4 weeks, enjoy this young cheese with a crisp and light beer. Some proceeds to local charity.

Origine de Charlevoix ~ $8.99

Cows Milk from Quebec

Soft, creamy  and slightly pungent washed rind cheese from Charlevoix

La Sauvagine ~ $7.49 /100g 

Cows Milk from Quebec

Delicate rustic aromas of fresh butter and rustic mushrooms melt in your mouth!

Taleggio ~ $8.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Italy

Italy's favorite soft cheese from the alpine valleys of northern Italy. High butterfat content resulting in very rich and meaty tasting cheese. Excellent in potato gratin, risotto, pasta.

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