Blue Cheese

Ranging from mild to strong, soft to hard blue cheeses.

Bleu Benedictine - $5.79 /100g 

Cows Milk from Quebec

Handmade by abbey monks. Piquant with lingering flavour.

Bleu d'Elizabeth - $8.59 /100g 

Raw Organic Cows Milk from Warwick, Quebec

Raw, organic milk handmade by the Morin family in an old rectory in front of their farm in Sainte-Elizabeth de Warwick Quebec. Crumbly, very creamy.  Salty and piquant.  Arguably the best cheesemaker and best blue in the country. 

Bleu Fume - $6.79 /100g 

Cows Milk from Quebec

Smoked, medium strength blue.  Perfect for the BBQ or to pair with a beer!

Cambozola -  $7.49 /100g 

Cows Milk from Germany  

A cows milk cheese that is a combo in style of french soft ripened triple cream, and a Italian gorgonzola.

Grand Noir - $7.49 /100g 

Cow Milk from Germany

Decadently silken, buttery texture.  Mild with a slightly earthy flavour.  This is a gateway to blue cheese. 

Le Fleuron - $5.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Sainte-Sophie, Quebec

Made with organic milk, this is a fairly strong blue with hints of mushroom and caramel. Made by Les Fromageries de la table ronde in Sainte-Sophie, Quebec.

Roquefort Carles - $10.99 /100g 

Raw Sheep Milk from Roquefort, France

Exquisitely piquant! There are other Roqueforts but this is the best from cheesemaker Jaques Carles (who at last count is well into his 90s).  Completely hand made using local sheep's milk and aged in limestone caves in Roquefort. France. 

Saint Agur - $7.99 /100g 

Bestseller! Cows Milk from France

Succulent! Butter forward. Our most popular blue is also our mildest and creamiest.  Spread on a baguette and savour!

Stevenson Reserve Shropshire Blue - $7.99 /100g 

Cows Milk from Nottingham, England

From Nottingham just like Robin Hood! Shropshire Blue is considered a cousin of Stilton, made by the same dairies but just a bit creamier and tangier than Stilton. Enjoy with a robust red or a lager.

Stevenson Reserve Stilton - $8.59 /100g 

Cow Milk from Nottingham, England

Award winning, premium, extra aged stilton from the master cheesemasters at long clawson dairy; There are only seven dairies licensed to create Stilton and this is one of the smallest and the best. Extra aged for sharpness.   Extremely buttery, summer on the farm.  

Tiger Blue - $8.79 /100g 

Cows Milk from British Columbia

A big blue "with teeth" a deep and strong blue with a real peppery bite and long, long finish. Perfect with a good strong red.

Gorgonzola Picante - $7.49 /100g 

Cow Milk from Italy  

Italy's famous Blue Cheese. Great for cooking!

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